How Do You Plan For Terror and Disaster?

Local Planning for Terror and DisasterLife is full of the unexpected . . . and the unexpected can sometimes yield disastrous results. In their newly released book titled Local Planning for Terror and Disaster: From Bioterrorism to Earthquakes, two noted emergency medicine and bioterrorism experts from the Center for BioDefense at New Jersey Medical School (NJMS) educate both first responders and the general public on best practices for coping with tragic events.

Authors Leonard A. Cole and Nancy D. Connell use the chapters in their book to evaluate preparedness based on several factors, including effective communication, increased awareness, and informed bystanders who serve as onsite resources to complement first responders’ efforts. Each chapter also includes a case study that demonstrates preparedness—or lack thereof—for a real or hypothetical event. The information and case studies are pulled together with lessons learned, next steps, and areas for improvement in this global era, which increasingly calls for preparedness at a local level.

Cole and Connell developed their book out of topics presented at a recent Symposia on Terror Medicine and Security. As they pulled together content for the book, they reached outside their own areas of expertise and invited several noted experts to present techniques for diagnosis, rescue, and scenarios for terrorist attacks. The result is an essential reference for both professionals and the general public, which covers the roles of all involved: from health and police responders to bystanders and survivors.

Leonard Cole, Charles McKenna, and Local Planning for Terror and Disaster

Leonard Cole (left) gives a copy of Local Planning for Terror and Disaster to Charles McKenna, Chief Legal Counsel to Governor Chris Christie and former Director of the NJ Office of Homeland Security.

Reviewers Say:

“Leonard Cole and Nancy Connell have produced an essential book, not just for counterterrorism and disaster preparedness professionals, but for each and every American.”
—Clark Ervin, Former Inspector General, US Department of Homeland Security

“At a time when funding for local preparedness efforts is waning, this book is a clarion call for reversing that trend. . . . Read it and be reminded how much depends on local response when catastrophe strikes.”
—Thomas Inglesby, MD, Director of the Center for Biosecurity of UPMC

“This text . . . includes realistic case studies to introduce the diverse range of disaster and terror situations that medical, security, or other professionals should be prepared to address. Any disaster professional would benefit greatly from heeding its lessons.”
—Jane Bullock, Former Chief of Staff, Federal Emergency Management Agency

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