Understanding RCUK’s Open Access Policies

Open AccessThe new open access publishing policy from Research Councils UK (RCUK) has left a lot of researchers–and publishers–scrambling. In a nutshell, any peer-reviewed research that receives funding from the Research Council must now be published in journals that are compliant with the RCUK Policy on Open Access. The policy aims to make it easier for UK institutions and researchers to publish in open access journals using the gold model.

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A wonderful animated video is available on the Wiley Open Access Blog, explaining how RCUK – funded authors can learn how to comply when publishing with Wiley’s OnlineOpen program.

Career Advice: Effective Networking Strategies

Networking is vital to landing job. In two thirds of the cases, an employer offers the job to someone they already know, i.e. a contact. Expanding on the topic of networking, Wiley Job Network recently hosted a webinar on “Effective Networking Strategies”, presented by Alaina Levine.

Alaina Levine is the president of Quantum Success Solutions, a public speaking and leadership training enterprise that provides consultation and workshops to corporate clients. In addition to this, Alaina Levine has written over 100 articles in local, regional and national newspapers on the topic of careers and career development.

In her latest Wiley webinar, Alaina shares with the audience her insights on effective networking. While some scientist may think of “networking” as a dirty word and beneath their lofty aspirations, Alaina points out an excellent motivation behind networking Continue reading

Children’s Sedentary Lifestyles Impair Motor Coordination

Children who spend more than three-quarters of their time engaging in sedentary behaviour, such as watching TV and sitting at computers, have up to nine times poorer motor coordination than their more active peers, reveals a study published in the American Journal of Human Biology.

The study, involving Portuguese children, found that physical activity alone was not enough to overcome the negative effect of sedentary behaviour on basic motor coordination skills such as walking, throwing or catching, which are considered the building blocks of more complex movements.

“Childhood is a critical time for the development of motor coordination skills which are essential for health and well-being,” said lead author Dr Luis Lopes, from the University of Minho. “We know that sedentary lifestyles have a negative effect on these skills and are associated with decreased fitness, lower self-esteem, decreased academic achievement and increased obesity.” Continue reading

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