Announcing the Winners of the 2012 Wiley Prize

The Eleventh Annual Wiley Prize in Biomedical Sciences is awarded to Dr. James Spudich, Dr. Michael Sheetz, and Dr. Ronald Vale for explaining how cargo is moved by molecular motors along two different systems of tracks within cells.

Many basic cellular functions depend on the directed movement of macromolecules, membranes or chromosomes from one place to another within the cell. The transport of this intracellular cargo is achieved by molecular motor proteins, such as myosin and kinesin, which provide force and movement through the conversion chemical energy (ATP) into mechanical energy. Molecular motor proteins move along scaffolds made of specific protein polymers (kinesin along microtubules and myosin along actin filaments) carrying their cargo to its proper place in the cell.

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The Wiley Prize in Biomedical Sciences is intended to recognize breakthrough research in pure or applied life science research that is distinguished by its excellence, originality and impact on our understanding of biological systems and processes.This international award is presented annually and consists of a $35,000 prize and a luncheon in honor of the recipient. The award is presented at a ceremony at The Rockefeller University, where the recipient delivers an honorary lecture as part of The Rockefeller University Lecture Series.

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Hand prints or even partial hand prints can reveal the gender and height of a person

forensic-hand-printThe technique relies on the fact that taller people, and men, tend to have larger hands than shorter people and women.

Prints left by the hand, or even parts of it, can be used to estimate the height of an unknown intruder and possibly tell whether they were male or female, say researchers. A team led by forensic anthropologist Associate Professor Daniel Franklin, from the University of Western Australia, report their findings in a series of recent scientific papers. Continue reading

Edison Awards Recognizes Mind Genomics/IdeaMap

Marketing Research tools took an award-winning leap forward as Mind Genomics/IdeaMap.Net was recognized by The Edison Awards for its revolutionary information-gathering and analyzation process. Created by Howard Moskowitz, President of Moskowitz Jacobs (MJI) and the late Dr. Alex Gofman of Pace University in collaboration with Jacqueline Beckley, President of The Understanding & Insight Group (U&I), the new process has forged an innovative way to comprehend different population mind-sets by using the science of experimental design and huge databases. As a result, strategies for effectively resonating with any particular population or group can be made. Continue reading