Podcast: Reconstructing Earth’s Climate History

Global climate change: arguably the buzz-words of our decade. Scientists and politicians around the globe discuss whether it’s happening, why it’s happening now, whether humans caused it or if it’s a natural cycle the planet is going through, or some combination thereof. But there’s one approach that not many people have taken.

With so much research being published in this area, finding someone with a new approach to the topic is rare. But co-authors Kristen St. John, Mark Leckie, Kate Pound, Megan Jones and Lawrence Krissek have taken a less common approach to thinking about climate change. They have been studying our past.

Reconstructing Earth’s Climate History delves into past climate cycles as far back as the Cenozoic climate change, and explores abrupt warming and cooling events the Earth has gone through in the past million years.

Here to talk with us some more about her book is co-author Kristen St John.


Read more about Reconstructing Earth’s Climate History and other climate change books at www.wiley.com/go/climate.

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