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Friday Coffee Break

March 18, 2011
by agoldstein

Bits and pieces (largely but not always entirely related to life science) to muse over–or check out and save for later–while enjoying a well-deserved Friday coffee. Or tea. Enjoy!

Robot Nurses Are Less Weird When They Don’t Talk
Treated by a nursebot? Ok…but it’s better if it doesn’t speak.

EPA: Energy Efficiency Is About Location, Location, Location
Public transit and apartment living continue to trump cars and houses—even green ones.

Japan Has Shifted 13 Feet! Does that mean GPS doesn’t work anymore?
Navigators in the most shifted portions of the country are currently miscalibrated, but they should still get the job done. After all, until recently, the margin of error for GPS devices was 50 feet!

Is your work schedule destroying your liver?
Problems can arise when the work schedules of our bodies’ molecular employees clash with the schedules of our bodies themselves.

Older elephants know the best anti-lion moves
Elephants demonstrate that wisdom can come with age and that matriarchs are key players for group survival.

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