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Friday Coffee Break

March 11, 2011
by agoldstein

Bits and pieces (largely but not always entirely related to life science) to muse over–or check out and save for later–while enjoying a well-deserved Friday coffee. Or tea. Enjoy!

Living the dream: new microscope shows dazzling 3D movies of living cells
“In looking at living systems, you want to be God. You want to have this omniscient power and…observe what’s happening in a single molecule in a single cell that is inside your heart right now. That’s the dream.”

Flying cars
They’ve been around for years apparently, but have never sold. But there’s a new one on the market…

In Our Time: Neanderthals
Highly civilized (and qualified) humans discuss Neanderthals on BBC Radio.

The world is your ocelot, your capuchin, your giant panda
Explore more than 201,000 camera trap images of animals from around the world, gathered together by the Smithsonian.

Biobricks: A set of biotechnological tools that could change the world
“For example, the Gates Foundation funding of a public-benefit partnership led by Jay Keasling of Berkeley produced an engineered strain of yeast that is capable of converting sugar into the antimalarial drug, artemisinin, at a fraction of the cost now associated with extracting the same drug from the bark of the sweet wormwood tree. What if we could enable thousands of artemisinin projects, each hoping to improve the human condition or our environment?”

Evolving downward and outward? How the future of the human race might be smaller and heavier
“What we have found with height and weight basically is that natural selection appears to be operating to reduce the height and to slightly increase their weight.”

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