Food and Energy Security Publishes First Review Article

Food and Energy Security has now published its first review article,‘Exploiting genetic variation to improve wheat composition for the prevention of chronic diseases’ by Peter R. Shewry and Jane L. Ward. There is clear evidence that the consumption of either wholegrain cereals or components present in these (notably dietary fibre) have beneficial effects in reducing the risk of the metabolic syndrome and associated diseases. The article therefore reviews the major groups of bioactive components present in the wheat grain and discusses strategies for manipulating their amounts and compositions to increase the health benefits of both wholegrain and white flour products.

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Eat yourself young: Anti-aging dietary compounds

We frequently hear reports in the press about “super foods” – foods especially purported to boost our immunity, prevent cancer, cure degenerative illnesses and generally keep us feeling young and healthy. In a recent paper, Pan et al. examine the science that exists to support these claims.1 They review signalling pathways that are associated with aging and degenerative diseases and explore how compounds contained in common foods may inhibit these pathways. A number of promising candidates found in fruits, vegetables, nuts, tea, spices and fish are presented. Lovers of chocolate and wine will also be heartened by the list of youth-promoting foods compiled. Read more here! ⇒

Food and Energy Security – Read the Editorial by Martin Parry

Martin ParryFood and Energy Security has published its first editorial by Editor-in-Chief Martin Parry - ‘Food and Energy Security: exploring the challenges of attaining secure and sustainable supplies of food and energy’. Prof. Parry explains the significant research areas which this journal will publish in and why it has been launched.

‘Given the rise in human population and the inevitable consequences of climate change, the challenges of achieving secure and sustainable supplies of both food and energy are Herculean… With the launch of this open access, multidisciplinary journal, our intention is to offer a forum for the discussion of the most important advances in this field and promote an integrative approach of scientific disciplines.’

Food and Energy Security is a fully open access journal which is published in association with theAssociation of Applied Biologists (AAB). You can find out more about the journal by visiting the journal homepage. To submit your article please visit our online submission site.

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Parry, M. (2012). Food and energy security: exploring the challenges of attaining secure and sustainable supplies of food and energy Food and Energy Security DOI: 10.1002/fes3.1