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A Horizon, a Porthole, and a New Book

Janine Selendy is what one might call an “accidental altruist.” Early in her teen years, she came face-to-face with the astonishingly poor living conditions faced by people living in Iran. This pivotal experience led Selendy away from her intended career in diplomacy and into a very busy life aimed at changing people’s lives at the [...]

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Biological Diversity: Exploiters and Exploited

As the developed world gobbles up natural resources and wipes out species after species of plants and animals, the issue of biodiversity–the variation of life forms within an ecosystem–becomes increasingly important to the survival of our planet. The more diverse the life forms, the healthier the ecosystem, meaning that the more species we eliminate, the [...]

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Living Dinosaurs: The Evolutionary History of Modern Birds

In the 1860s, Thomas Huxley discovered fossils that led him to propose that modern birds evolved from ancient dinosaurs. Yet in the centuries following his discovery, the origins of modern birds remains greatly debated. In their new book Living Dinosaurs: The Evolutionary History of Modern Birds, researchers Gareth Dyke and Gary Kaiser set out to [...]

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Weed Biology and Climate Change

Homeowners detest dandelions, and hikers abhor poison ivy. However, as pesky and unwanted as they often are, weeds’ stubborn resilience makes them well worth studying, especially as climate change affects plant life around the world. To find out more, we interviewed Dr. Lewis Ziska and Dr. Jeffrey Dukes, two authors who worked on the recently [...]

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Probiotics and Health Claims

This month, Wiley will release Probiotics and Health Claims, a book that investigates the food, feed, and pharmaceutical applications and assessment procedures of probiotics around the world. We sat down with the book’s two editors, Wolfgang Kneifel and Seppo Salminen, to pick their brains about what, exactly, the term “probiotics” means, and how they predict [...]

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The Warming Papers

Last month, Wiley released The Warming Papers, a concise, comprehensive collection of scientific papers that make up the foundation of the global warming forecast. We sat down with Dr. David Archer, one of the book’s two editors (the other being Dr. Ray Pierrehumbert), to find out more about the planning processes behind this sort of [...]

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Interview with R. Ian Freshney, Author and Cell Culture Expert

R. Ian Freshney, PhD, is an honorary Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Oncology and Applied Pharmacology at the University of Glasgow. He is a world-renowned expert on cell culture technique and has authored and edited numerous successful books, including the hugely popular Culture of Animal Cells (now in its 6th Edition), and Culture [...]

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