What’s cooking? CRISPy and CHOPPI web tools for CHO-based biomanufacturing

CHO cellsChinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells are the little soldiers of the biomanufacturing industry. CHO cells produce a multitude of valuable pharmaceutical proteins and biologics compatible with humans. Demand for such products is constantly growing, creating a need in improving the methods of pharmaceutical protein production to provide a sufficient supply for the biomedical community. Pharmaceutical industry and academic researchers are therefore in constant search for new ways of improving productivity and increasing the number of products manufactured in CHO cell-based bioreactors. The issues of product quality and availability of biologics produced in CHO cells are addressed in two recent Biotechnology & Bioengineering papers.

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Europe’s Leading Congress on Biotechnology

ECBThe European Federation of Biotechnology is hosting its 16th European Congress on Biotechnology in Edinburgh, Scotland from 13-16 July 2014. Over 150 speakers will cover all aspects of biotechnology, including plenaries by Anne Glover (European Commission), Martin Fussenegger (ETH Zürich), Jay Keasling (University of California, Berkeley) and Sang Yup Lee (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology). With a strong social programme and 50+ exhibitors, the congress will provide an excellent opportunity to network and share ideas with over 1,000 scientists and industry leaders from over 60 countries. ECB16 is the must-attend event for everyone who is serious about biotechnology.

Metabolic Engineering – Joint Virtual Issue between B&B and BTJ

Metabolic Engineering joint virtual issueTwo Wiley Journals, Biotechnology & Bioengineering and Biotechnology Journal combine efforts in the Joint Virtual Issue celebrating two decades of the Metabolic Engineering Conference. The International Metabolic Engineering Conference is a biannual event, which is celebrating its 10th gathering this year in Vancouver, Canada. This conference has become the flagship “must-attend” conference in metabolic engineering for academic and industry professionals in the biotechnology field over its two-decade span.

The virtual issue is a collection of 10 articles from both journals focused on developing state-of-the-art metabolic engineering tools for various applied research and industrial applications, including production of biofuels and commodity materials. It was edited by B&B Editor-in-Chief Prof. Douglas S. Clark and BTJ Editor-in-Chief Prof. Sang Yup Lee. Read their joint editorial and selection of articles in this Virtual Issue.