Compensatory Mitigation for Streams Under the Clean Water Act – Webinar


American Rivers is pleased to host this webinar with Dr. Martin Doyle and Dr. Doug Shields on Friday, September 14th, 2012 from 12-1:30 pm, to discuss key issues raised in their article, “Compensatory Mitigation for Streams Under the Clean Water Act: Reassessing Science and Redirecting Policy” (JAWRA, June 2012). They contend:

“Current stream restoration science is not adequate to assume high rates of success in recovering ecosystem functional integrity… If stream restoration is to play a continued role in compensatory mitigation under the Clean Water Act, then significant policy changes are needed… When used for compensatory mitigation, stream restoration should be held to effectiveness standards for actual and measurable physical, chemical, or biological functional improvement…”[Excerpt from the abstract]

The article can be accessed for FREE online until October 15, 2012.

To register for the webinar, visit:

The capacity for the webinar is 100 participants; however, up to 300 people may join by telephone. We ask that you RSVP and encourage participants that are able to join from a single location to do so, register only once per group.

A recording of the webinar will be posted at


12:00 – 12:05


Stephanie Lindloff, Director, River Restoration Program, American Rivers

12:05 – 12:35

compensatory stream mitigation – state of the science and key policy points

Dr. Martin Doyle, Professor of River Science and Policy, Duke University

Dr. Doug Shields, Consulting Hydraulic Engineer, Shields Engineering, LLC (previously with National Sedimentation Lab of USDA‐ARS)

12:35 – 12:55

regulatory comment

Tony Able, Chief, Wetlands Planning and Coastal Protection Section Water Protection Division,US Environmental Protection Agency

TBA, US Army Corps of Engineers

12:55 – 1:20

Q&A, moderated by S. Lindloff

The group will answer questions previously submitted by participants. To submit a question for consideration, please email Lynnette at

1:20 – 1:30

closing remarks

Stephanie Lindloff, American Rivers

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