Can meta-analysis make LCA more useful?

LCAWith the ubiquitous desire of consumers, businesses, and governments to identify greener products, technologies, and materials, the use of life cycle assessment (LCA) has grown rapidly. With many LCAs on the same or very similar technologies and products, decision makers and researchers face a challenge trying to make sense of competing studies.

To address the need for synthesis of existing work, Yale’s Journal of Industrial Ecology has published a special issue on Meta-Analysis of Life Cycle Assessment that presents cutting edge research on the harmonization and critical review of LCAs.

The special issue includes articles on the development of methods, meta-analyses and critical reviews on electricity generation, bio-based materials, computers, and printers. There is a special emphasis on electricity generating technologies with a series of studies from the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s LCA Harmonization project as well as others from around the globe.

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